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HERR Industry System supports companies that want to reduce the potential risk to employees and machinery from dust, smoke and oil mist. With our products, we also ensure compliance with legal regulations. Worldwide.

We bear responsibility for people, the environment and the company

HERR Industry System is a company of the IBG Group with a long tradition. People are at the center of our actions: With our innovative products we continuously improve the conditions for people, the environment and the company.

For clean air in your company

HERR Industry System is a technologically oriented company for the manufacture of extraction systems and filtration technology. We develop and produce quality products that are energy efficient and ensure clean air in your factory.


Smoke and dust extraction including filtration directly from the manufacturer: HERR Industry System develops, manufactures and delivers innovative and reliable extraction and filtration technology at an excellent price/performance ratio.

PlasVent downdraft cutting table
Complete system with table, filter unit, fan and piping

Central cartridge exhaust system – 610 series
For the central collection and filtering of dust and smoke – also in W3 version!

Extraction hoods AirVent with edge extraction
For extraction of manual as well as automated workplaces

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New ideas and constant further development are the driving force behind HERR Industry System. Our customers know that our name stands for well thought-through construction and durable, sustainable solutions. We insist that our products be re-evaluated over and over again in order to find further ways to increase their productivity, functionality and safety.

E-mobility: a future-oriented market

E-mobility: a future-oriented market

Keeping the air healthy in the workplace is a good thing. Being part of a manufacturing process for environmentally friendly driving tops it all. This summer we successfully …

Competences & Applications

Dust, smoke and exhaust gases must be treated differently depending on their composition and emission source. HERR Industry System provides for different applications perfectly matched extraction and filtration systems. We reduce the potential risk for your staff to a minimum.

Extraction and filtration of welding fumes
During welding resulting harmful fumes and dust shoult be exhausted if possible where they originate and filter the air-pollutant mixture. Thereafter, the cleaned air is returned to the environment. HERR Industry System provides for the extraction and filtration of different welding tasks – wheter manuel or automatic – efficient and cost-effective solutions.

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Efficient extraction and filtration for the oxy-fuel, laser and plasma cutting
Finest dust arise during plasma an laser cutting processes. To filter out these particles efficiently HERR Industry System has developed its own coated ePTFE membrane filter named HISTec®.

This laminated membrane coating is highly effective and filters particles less than 0.1 microns out. Also it allows an almost 100% filter cleaning.

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Extraction and filtering of grinding dust
Grinding dust contains relatively large particles. These can be removed by mechanical filter systems, in which both pre-filter and fine filter are installed.

HERR Industry System has dealt extensively with this application and provides practical, reliable solutions.

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Oil mist filtration
BFor various processes in metalworking coolants are used. These coolants are normally based on an oil or water-based formula. Upon cooling arise as a product of evaporation oil fume and mist. Depending on the chemical composition of this fumes and mists they are hazardous to health.

Oil mist filter from HERR Industry System will help you not only to comply with the regulatory requierments, but to exceed them. With an oil mist filter from HERR Industry System you effectively protect health of your employees and increase productivity of your company in cost-efficient way.

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